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All the Best

Dec 18, 2019

Over 30 years ago — on November 9, 1989 — the Berlin Wall technically became obsolete or “fell” when an East German bureaucrat declared that Germans could freely pass between borders. The question at that uncertain moment then became: how would the superpowers react, and would this hopeful moment lead to more freedoms … or end in a bloody crackdown? In November of 2019, together with the Ronald Reagan Institute, Georgetown University and the Atlantic Council, the George & Barbara Bush Foundation hosted “30 Years Later: Lessons From the Fall of the Berlin Wall.” This event explored the enduring lessons that the Fall of the Berlin Wall continues to teach. Listen now to former White House Press Secretary to both Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, Marlin Fitzwater; former members of the White House press corps, Peter Maer and Gene Gibbons; and presidential historian, Jeffrey Engel, as they share more insight on the lessons stemming from that historic day. To read the full transcript of this episode visit